Introducing … DYM100: On Location!

For the last 3 years we’ve hosted a special invitation-only event called DYM100. (Well, one year it was called DYM200 because we couldn’t limit to 100.) We’ve invited a small group of youth workers from around the country to join us in Southern California for three days of community-building, ministry-developing content, a lot of delicious food, some DYM sneak peeks, a ton of laughter and a couple of “I can’t believe they did that” moments.

In many ways DYM100 means we (Doug & Josh) get to be the youth pastors and you get to be in the youth group. We handle the details, the program, the community, the meals, the games, the crazy moments, and the content. You get to sit back and enjoy!

It is, hands-down, one of the best events we’ve ever done. (Which is saying something since we’ve been part of many events in our combined 50+ years of youth ministry!) It was universally loved and everyone said, “We’re coming back!” It really was a great event.

To provide the type of high-touch feel that fits with our relational style, we’ve limited the number of attendees and it’s the perfect number for us. BUT, we also know three days in CA (flights, hotels, etc.) can be cost prohibitive and, unintentionally, excludes a lot of potential friends … so… drum roll please…

So, we’re coming to you!

Introducing DYM 100: On Location

We’ll pack up the best that DYM100 has to offer and bring it a handful of cities around the U.S. We’re starting in Texas with 3 events on 3 different days, at different times, all with the same killer 4-hours-of-fun-for-youth-pastors program:

  • Food (of course… Josh can’t go 2 hours without a rack of ribs.)
  • BRAND NEW, exclusive and practical youth ministry content from Doug and Josh to help you improve your teaching, your programming, your ministry to parents, and your personal development. This will be the ONLY place you can hear these training sessions.
  • Behind-the-scenes peeks (and an opportunity for you to give feedback on) upcoming DYM “skunk works” secret projects.
  • Laugh out loud (and occasionally inappropriate) moments (which you’ll be talking about for weeks.) Massive giveaways, lots of prizes & surprises.
  • Community and quality time with 99 of your closest youth ministry friends

… And, in true DYM form, FREE STUFF! Exclusive swag, discounts, high fives and side hugs.

4 hours of “they know me” and “I can’t believe they said that” and pure, good community and fun … all for just $39.

Your DYM100 On Location registration includes:

  • Lunch or dinner
  • Exclusive DYM100 swag (including a T-Shirt & more)
  • $20 DYM store credit
  • and more!

First Stop: TEXAS

We’re kicking off our beta-test of the DYM100 On Location tour in… TEXAS!

San Antonio:

April 8th | 5-9pm | $39 | includes dinner, T-shirt, $20 store credit, Elvis impersonator (or something like that…) and more



April 9th | 5-9pm | $39 | includes dinner, T-shirt, $20 store credit, puppy petting zoo (or something like that…) and more



April 10th | 12-4pm | $39 | includes lunch, T-shirt, $20 store credit, giraffe rides (or something like that…) and more


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